Co-investing with clients to deliver premium risk weighted returns

Targeting investment opportunities and capable operating partners to produce premium risk weighted returns.

We use market credibility, institutional sophistication and an entrepreneurial mindset to drive results.

Our Goal

KingSett invests directly in a range of real estate assets in central and suburban business districts in major Canadian markets. We also take positions in joint ventures through a range of vehicles, including limited partnerships, co-ownerships, pari passu interests, and preferred equity. Besides sourcing and financing investment opportunities for our investors and partners, we deliver value by actively seeking best-in-class developers, property managers and leasing services.

Growth Funds

KingSett’s growth funds build value through creative portfolio realignment, development and redevelopment opportunities, new financing and proactive leasing.

Core Investment Funds

Our core investment fund focuses on institutional-quality assets in major markets with demonstrated income and growth potential.