Our Diversity Commitment

Our values of respect, humility and integrity form the crux of our commitment to diversity & inclusion

We believe that diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and that greater diversity & inclusion will make our society and business more successful

At KingSett our foundational values guide our actions. Our commitment to seek better diversity & inclusion, derives from respect, humility and integrity. We know that striving for equity for all, will make our society and business more successful. We acknowledge that everyone at KingSett has a different lived experience and perspective. This is why we are working diligently to leverage our resources to create a safe, productive and inclusive workplace.

Our diversity & inclusion vision is to be a catalyst for positive change, encouraging innovative, equitable and inclusive practices, and incorporating these principles into action. A commitment to this standard enables us to deliver premium sustainable risk-weighted stakeholder returns.

We are committed to:

1) Developing an atmosphere where dialogue is both safe and encouraged, and where we can better learn about the culture, experience and values of our employees;

2) Establishing a training program that helps employees better understand the value of diversity & inclusion, and the harmful nature of racism, discrimination and exclusion; and

3) Nurturing a corporate culture that utilizes constructive, inclusive language and actively seeks to mitigate bias.

“At KingSett, we have a role to play in improving workplace diversity & inclusion. As real estate professionals, our job is to build and house people in our communities, which to be successful needs to be inclusive. Diversity & inclusion must be embraced as an essential element of our own collective future. It starts with us.” - Jon Love, CEO, KingSett Capital

KingSett proudly supports the following organizations that promote diversity & inclusion:

  • CREED Council comprises commercial real estate and development professionals who seek to evolve the Canadian real estate industry and its workplaces. The Council believes there is a growing need to be proactive amid workplace evolution to encompass diversity & inclusion as key leadership priorities in the forefront of the framework for equity. David Vernon, Chief Legal Officer and ESG Lead, serves on CREED Council.

  • BOMA Toronto, a leading Toronto commercial real estate industry organization, is committed to diversity & inclusivity through its members’ participation. Theresa Warnaar, Senior Vice President, Retail & Asset Resilience, serves on the board of directors of BOMA Toronto, and David Vernon, Chief Legal Officer and ESG Lead, serves on the BOMA Toronto Diversity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism Advisory Council.

  • Toronto CREW is dedicated to empowering women to excel, influence and lead throughout their commercial real estate careers. KingSett has been an active supporter of Toronto CREW and its employees have been actively engaged in executing its strategy and mission. Anna Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, is past president, and Carman Leung, Senior Director of Finance, serves on its board of directors.

  • KingSett is a board member of REALPAC, the national industry association dedicated to advancing Canada’s real property sector’s long-term vitality. KingSett is a lead series sponsor of REALPAC’s Racism & Exclusion in the Workplace series presented in partnership with BOMA Toronto, CoreNet Global Canadian Chapter, NAIOP Greater Toronto Chapter, Toronto CREW and ULI Toronto. Anna Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, serves on its board of directors.

  • The Business Council of Canada, a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization, represents Canadian business leaders in every region and business sector. Our CEO, Jon Love is a member of the Council and is a signatory to the members statement denouncing racism in all its forms. For a copy of the statement see: https://thebusinesscouncil.ca/news/canadian-business-leaders-come-together-to-denounce-racism-in-all-its-forms/

KingSett Mentorship Program

The 2021 KingSett Mentorship Program in partnership with the Black Business and Professional Association (www.bbpa.org) is coming to an end. This important component of our greater diversity and inclusion strategy was comprised of 18 KingSett Mentors paired with 18 Mentees from the BBPA.

The video below captures mentee feedback on the program: